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    Editorial: Greenline still rocks

    The Commercial Appeal -

    Skeptics said it would never happen.

    When they saw that it would, they groused it would attract a criminal element along its path and into the neighborhoods through which it traversed.

    They were talking about the immensely popular Shelby Farms Greenline, which marked its second birthday this past weekend.

    The 6.6-mile paved pedestrian-bicycle path runs from Binghamton to Farm Road in Shelby Farms along the old CSX railroad right-away. The adventurous can take another paved path from there and ride or walk to Patriot Lake or the Wolf River.

    The Greenline's success shows that Memphians were hungry for a safe, eco-friendly place to walk or ride their bicycles.

    Government officials and private interests that have contributed to the construction of the Greenline and similar paved paths in the area should take advantage of that enthusiasm to expeditiously push forward with extension of the Greenline eastward to Eads and westward to Broad Avenue and Overton Park, and the construction of a pedestrian and bicycle path on the Harahan Bridge and a trail linking Memphis to West Memphis.

    Even Fayette County officials are talking about building a Greenline that would hook up with the Shelby Farms Greenline.

    Those plans, when combined with the city's push to create bike lines on city street, enhance the city's livability by providing easy, safe places to exercise, to meet people and to get more vehicles off the road, which helps the city's air quality.

    The Greenline has shown that people want this kind of amenity and that they can be built when government and private entities work together.