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    Next step for Sears Tower, Crosstown community

    Anna Marie Hartman - Action News 5 -

    MEMPHIS, TN- (WMC-TV) - People living in the Crosstown community are tired of living in the shadow of the abandoned Sears Tower.

    "Cause it's looked like the building from the Ghostbusters for many years," said neighbor Rodney Childress.

    On Saturday thousands of people re-lived the days when the area was a vibrant business corridor.

    The MEMfix festival on Cleveland goes hand in hand with Memphis Mayor A C Wharton's Neighborhood Economic Vitality Plan.

    "Why spend millions of your tax dollars going into a new area when we can come in a recapture who we really are in this great neighborhood," said Wharton.

    Food, art, music and family fun brought the old neighborhood back to life. The Memphis Regional Design Center hopes this is a preview of Crosstown's future.

    "This neighborhood has so much history it's in the heart of Midtown its distressed right now and we just see the potential here," said Memphis Regional Design Center Chooch Pickard.

    Nine organizations are gearing up to relocate into 600 thousand square feet of the historic Sears tower.

    The next step, attracting businesses to move into the surrounding commercial spaces.

    "Bring the money back to Midtown, jobs and good times," said Childress.

    Another neighbor said it's been long overdue.

    "So I'm glad to know that we are now in the process and in the stages of bringing it back to life," said neighbor Denise Harris.

    Organizers hope Crosstown will mirror the success of Broad Street, a retail community that bounced back after the construction of Sam Cooper Boulevard.