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    Report ranks Memphis ninth for charter school growth

    Memphis Business Journal -

    Memphis comes at No. 9 on a new list of the fastest-growing charter school markets from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.
    The Commercial Appeal reports the Bluff City recorded a 21 percent jump in charter school enrollment last year. New Orleans topped the list followed by Detroit and Washington, D.C.
    "Most states that pass charter laws do so with hope of making an impact on the districts and schools not performing well," Nina Rees, NAPC president and CEO, told the newspaper. "Quite frankly, demand is highest in areas where parents see a need and are demanding other options."
    Across the nation, 110 districts have at least 10 percent of students enrolled in charters, up nearly 15 percent from last year, according to the report. About 6 percent of Memphis' 6,549 public school students attended charters last year.