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    Subplanning Profiles: Bike and Pedestrian Improvements to Overton Park

    Cooper Street entrance to Overton Park

    Overton Park Conservancy was selected for a subplanning award to lead an effort to improve the bicycle and pedestrian access from adjoining neighborhoods to Overton Park. Ritchie Smith Associates, a local landscape architecture firm, is partnering in this process. The project will strengthen relationships with park users through engagement, improve access and linkages to surrounding neighborhoods and amenities, and improve the bike and pedestrian experience within the park.
    Overton Park is a hub of bicycling, pedestrian, and recreation activity in Memphis, but because it is bounded by busy streets, access for pedestrians, cyclist, wheelchairs, and other modes is a challenge. Improving access is critical for the park to serve its highest function as both a recreation destination and as a hub with connections to other popular locations such as the Shelby Farms Greenline and Shelby Farms Park, Broad Avenue Arts District, Crosstown, Cooper-Young, and Overton Square.
    Overton Park Conservancy with Ritchie Smith Associates will lead the public engagement process and deliver final site plan designs for the neighborhood connectors. The final product will be preliminary designs, site plans, and estimates for five improvement projects: Cooper Street entrance, Tucker Street entrance, North Parkway entrance, perimeter trail around the park, and pedestrian improvements within the park. In addition, there will be a conceptual analysis of Lick Creek, V&E Greenline, and other potential neighborhood connectors including public input, feasibility study, and cost estimates for implementation. Estimated completion date is September 2014.
    This is the first in a series of articles profiling the projects selected for funding through the Greenprint subplanning awards. A new profile will be posted each day through mid-November.