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    Memphis Bootcamp: Strategies for A Rising Memphis



    If you’re interested in learning about Memphis’ role in urban evolution, and the hardships associated with an urban city, like Memphis, don’t miss this lecture series.

    Thanks to Urban Land Institute Memphis, on April 22-24, three national experts will come to Memphis to share their thoughts and solutions to challenges we face as Memphians, like financial health and tactical urbanism.
    Anna Holtzclaw, the District Coordinator of ULI Memphis tells us why Memphis was chosen for this lectures series:
    “The ‘Bootstrap City’ lectures are taking place in Memphis to highlight our community’s remarkably agile and progressive commitments to tactical urbanism, platemaking, and deep thinking about land use and value over the past few years. We know we still have a lot of work to do — just last week, Memphis was ranked by Smart Growth America as having some of the very worst sprawl in the nation, and our local government is preparing to contemplate a possible property tax height and some severe reduction in services in the next fiscal year. Nevertheless, there are so many reasons to be encouraged by the terrific work happening at the grassroots level of our city, led by so many creative and ambitious community activists. Anyone who lives, works, visits, owns property, or pays taxes in Memphis — or is in any meaningful way invested in this community’s future — should join us for these important and timely discussions.”
    The lecture series is a free and public event. Whether you are studying about urban evolution, teaching about urban evolution, or curious to find ways to improve our city, check out what these three speakers have to say about the Bluff City.
    Curbside Chat with Charles Marohn – April 22 at 6:30 pm
    The first lecture discusses the financial health of urban places and addresses hard questions like, “Why are our cities and towns so short of resources despite decades of robust growth?” and “What do we do now that the economy has changed so dramatically?” Check out his non-profit and blog, Strong Towns, to see why he is dedicated to improve America’s cities.
    The second lecture delves into specifics of creative placemaking and tactical urbanism, movements that seek to drive grassroots change in making tangible improvements and alterations to the public realm, even without – sometimes especially without – local government’s permission. Check out his urban-planning firm, Street Plans.
    The third lecture examines how different kinds of development patterns affect municipal coffers, with the goal of ensuring that the public and private sectors work together to ensure they cultivate the most productive aspects of their communities. Check out his urban planning firm, Urban3.
    All of these lectures will take place in the High Point Ballroom, which is behind 330 North Main St. in the Pinch District. Free parking will also be available.
    Check out the series’ website and make sure to tag #membootcamp throughout the week to follow the conversation.