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    Bicycle Friendly Community: Top Win-Over Projects

    The Bike Gate at Overton Park in Memphis, TN

    Yesterday, I talked about the "WOW" of Bicycle Friendly Communities. Perhaps the most important part of that "WOW" factor, is the "win-over projects."
    I call them "win-over projects" because they tend to cause people to turn their heads (maybe even scratch their heads) and get them thinking that maybe bicycling could start working for them. The communities that are really seeing growth in bicycling have done something big and beautiful that people can't help but notice. I've pulled together some of the best "win-over projects" I saw during my trips to Memphis and mutli-city tour of California.
    Let me start by saying even without the new Bike Gate, Overton Park is an amazing historical, cultural and natural gem.  This is the only place in the United States where a freeway was stopped by a small group of citizens -- and it went all the way to the Supreme Court.  
    But now this wonderful 342 acre park is connected to a popular off-street system (Shelby Farm Trails) via protected bike lanes (which began as a DIY citizen’s initiative) on Broad Street that has already helped revitalize this entire commercial corridor.  The icing on the cake though?  The WOW factor?  Here it is, the Bike Gate leading into the park from the new protected bike lanes.
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