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    America's 10 best new bike lanes of 2014

    Michael Andersen, Green Lane Project staff writer

    Photo: City of Memphis.


    Riverside Drive, Memphis

    In bike planning, Memphis is the anti-San Francisco. The city reasons that there's no better way to make its planning process public than to rapidly get a project on the ground, listen to the ways people react to it, and adjust as needed. "Ready, fire, aim," Memphis planner Kyle Wagenschutz says. Riverside Drive is a perfect example of that agile approach. Instead of reopening all four lanes to auto traffic after Riverside's annual closure for the Memphis in May festival, the city restriped half the street to create two lanes of car traffic, a bidirectional median-protected bike lane and a walkway. Soon, this route will be the best link between downtown Memphis and the new Harahan Bridge crossing to Arkansas.