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    Discover the ioby in you: $50,000 for Memphis neighborhoods



    We’re thrilled to double donations to bring your idea to life. Here’s how you can participate in the match.

    how it works

    1. Fill out this quick and easy form to tell us about your idea. It should take 15 minutes or less to complete. This form is due March 6, but go ahead and fill it out today. Ellen will call you within 24 hours of your submission. 

    2. Come to one of these workshops to learn more about ioby and the match opportunity:

    • Thursday, February 12, at 7:00 p.m. at the Memphis Slim House, 1130 College Street in Soulsville
    • Saturday, February 14, at 10:30 a.m. at Caritas Village, 2509 Harvard Avenue in Binghampton
    • Thursday, February 19, at 5:30 p.m. at Church Health Center Resource Office, 420 N. Cleveland St.

    3. Confirmation of project eligibility will be communicated by the end of the day March 12th.


    • All projects must be based in Memphis.
    • The match will double all donations to your campaign, dollar for dollar, up to $150 per donation with a maximum of $5,000 per campaign.
    • Donations of $25 will be matched with $25 from ioby. Donations of $150 will be matched with $150 from ioby. Donations of $151 or more will be matched with $150 from ioby.
    • All donations including cash and check need to go through your campaign page in order to be matched. If you receive donations by cash or check the ioby leader should donate on the individual’s behalf via credit card online.
    • Your Fundraising Team must have a minimum of 3 people.
    • Your project should aim to strengthen your own Memphis neighborhood.
    • Have Fun!


    Here’s a quick timeline so you can stay on top of the process:

    • February: Develop your idea. Come to a workshop. Talk to Ellen Roberds, Creative Placemaker at Livable Memphis
    • March: Create your ioby campaign page. Learn how to crowdfund.
    • April: Launch your ioby campaign. Raise funds with your team.
    • May and beyond: Bring your awesome idea to life.


    1. You must attend a webinar to learn about filling out a prospect chart, building your fundraising team, and filling out your campaign content at one of the following times:

    • Monday March 16th 5:30p.m. CST 
    • Wednesday March 18th Noon CST

    2. Submit your campaign page by March 23. 

    3. You must attend a 30-minute webinar designed to help you and your team craft an effective campaign strategy to take advantage of the match opportunity. At least one member from your team must join of the following webinars:

    • Tuesday March 31st at 5:30 p.m. CST 
    • Monday April 4 at 12:00 p.m. CST 

    4. Soft launch your campaign on March 30th. 

    5. You must raise 20% of your total by 5p.m. April 10th. These dollars are matched as well. This “soft launch” will help you and your team to be ready for the public match days. 

    6. You will participate in a 5 day public match event from April 11th until April 15th.

    7. Join ioby at MEMFix: The Pinch to fundraise live and in person and share your project’s story April 11th.

    Want to start prepping your campaign now? Here’s how you can get a headstart.



    Email Ellen Roberds at ellen@livablememphis.org