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    Teen Learning Lab Breaks Ground at Benjamin Hooks Library


    Mayor A C Wharton and others unveil the name of a forthcoming teen learning lab.
    By: Stephanie White


    The Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library will soon be home to a new state-of-the-art learning lab for local teens.


    In a packed room on the library's ground floor Wednesday, library and city officials, along with representatives from various agencies, gathered to hear details about the forthcoming learning lab. 
    Boasting a total of 8,300 square feet, the center will occupy areas of the central library's first and second floors. A multitude of resources will be available for teens to utilize.
    A citywide contest was held to decide the learning lab's name, which garnered around 700 submissions. The winning entry was revealed during the gathering: Cloud901. 
    The same room selected for the information session Wednesday will be transformed into an area used for Cloud901. It will feature a video production lab, brainstorming center, sound mixing lab, projection screen, technology gallery, and several other amenities.
    A staircase stationed in the middle of Cloud901's ground floor area will be used to access its second floor resources. Amid the features offered on the floor will be an art studio, gaming zone, a performance stage, and a "hi-tech treehouse" area where teens will be able to experiment with graphic design. 
    Cloud901, which specifically caters to teens aged 13 to 18, is currently in its construction phase. It's slated to launch officially in six months.
    "There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to teens. This is why the offerings are so diverse," said Memphis Mayor A C Wharton Wednesday. "Whatever it is that they wish to pursue, they’ll be able to do it right here in the soundness and safety of this building. The skills they learn in the learning lab here will go with them a lifetime. It is the world of tomorrow that they’re going to be able to navigate and explore right here in our library."
    Cloud901 is projected to cost $2 million to complete. Thus far, $1.6 million has been raised.