Grantee Reporting
At the Hyde Family Foundation, we maintain a continued interest in the organizations we support.
Organizations that receive a grant from the Hyde Family Foundation must report on the use of the funds granted. Timely reporting enables us to understand the impact of our grants and maintain supportive relationships with grantee organizations. Reporting requirements, directions, and deadlines are detailed in each grantee’s grant agreement.
The Foundation has two primary reporting due dates – February 15 and August 15. As of August 2023, the Foundation has streamlined its reporting processes. Grantees will only complete one report form (“HFF Report Form” or “Capacity-Building Report Form”) at each due date.

Automated notice of each reporting requirement due and a link to access the Foundant portal will be emailed to the grantee contact upon assignment in Foundant of the report(s). Grantees are encouraged to review the reporting form(s) in advance of due dates.

Grantees should submit reporting requirements through their online Foundant account where the original grant application was submitted. Full instructions on how to submit requirements can be found in the grant agreement, which can also be found in the Foundant account. The Foundant account can be accessed here.

For questions regarding the reporting requirements of your organization, please contact Lauren Jenkins, Director of Grants Management & Administration at