Vibrant Spaces & Communities
We believe Memphis can be a city of vibrant neighborhoods with high-quality options for housing, economic opportunity, public spaces, and transportation that are driven by the specific needs of residents.
We invest in organizations and initiatives aimed at improving overall quality of life, creating pathways for upward economic mobility, and the connectivity of places where we live, work, and play. Access to safe and affordable housing is essential for every citizen, and we strive to expand pathways to home ownership and affordable rental options. We also understand the importance of equitable access to amenities that promote healthy living. That’s why we are dedicated to ensuring that the city’s greenways and trails, bike lanes, and public spaces connect and benefit all Memphians.

Our partners include organizations that strengthen Memphis’ broader community development ecosystem by building the capacity of community development corporations (CDC). These investments are focused on citywide intermediaries that offer opportunities for professional development and peer learning; supply loans and counseling to sustain homeownership; provide financial capital and training to community developers and entrepreneurs; and promote community-driven planning and improvements. Additionally, by collaborating with CDCs in our three focus neighborhoods – Binghampton, the Medical District and South City – we directly support place-based efforts to cultivate housing, jobs, businesses, civic engagement and leadership, and safe public amenities. Finally, we champion efforts to implement initiatives that are consistent with Memphis 3.0, our city’s resident-informed comprehensive plan that guides the ongoing revitalization of our neighborhoods.

As the “lungs of the city,” high-quality green spaces – both big and small – are key to neighborhood vitality. We believe that our city should be rich in beautiful, active parks that are walkable and welcoming to all. Citizens have a vested interest in their neighborhood parks, and we support the efforts to improve and steward these spaces.

As such, we are actively involved in completing important projects, such as Tom Lee Park and the Wolf River Greenway. These and many other parks and trails not only enhance connectivity but also contribute to the overall well-being of the city and its residents. Furthermore, by investing in training opportunities and supporting environmental sustainability initiatives, we protect our aquifer, promote food access, and cultivate a greener future for Memphis.

For more information about our Vibrant Spaces & Communities impact area, contact Ian Nunley.

Grantee Spotlights
Tom Lee Park
Tom Lee Park is a signature park for all of Memphis. Memphis River Parks Partnership works with and for the people of Memphis to trigger the transformative power of our river.
Founded in 2017, SCORE Community Development Corporation is designed to intentionally and strategically implement civic engagement activities in the South City community at the grassroots level.