Vibrant Spaces & Communities
Welcome to the Hyde Family Foundation, where we believe in creating a better Memphis for all through vibrant spaces and communities.
Our vision for this great city is to foster a network of public spaces that encourage diverse resident interactions, ensuring that neighborhoods in the urban core are vibrant, connected, and brimming with opportunity.

At the Hyde Family Foundation, we invest in initiatives that strengthen Memphis’ urban core, making it a place where people can live, work, and play harmoniously. We understand the importance of equitable access to quality-of-life amenities, and we are dedicated to ensuring that the city’s greenways, bike lanes, parks, and public spaces connect and benefit all Memphians.

We are committed to supporting the development and growth of thriving communities by investing in the systems and people that sustain them. By collaborating with community development corporations (CDCs), we aim to create a more impactful community on a larger scale. Currently, we work closely with approximately 50 CDCs throughout the city, empowering them to drive positive change in their respective neighborhoods.

In our pursuit of a vibrant Memphis, we focus on three key areas: mobility, spaces, and transportation. We believe that a city’s accessibility and transportation infrastructure are crucial elements for its success. Therefore, we are actively involved in completing important projects such as Tom Lee Park and Wolf River Greenway. These initiatives not only enhance connectivity but also contribute to the overall well-being of the city and its residents.

Furthermore, we strive to create more pathways to home ownership and affordable rental options. We recognize that access to safe and affordable housing is essential for building strong communities. By investing in training opportunities and supporting environmental sustainability initiatives, we protect our aquifer, promote food access, and cultivate a greener future for Memphis.

While we have specific focus neighborhoods, including South City, Binghampton, and the Medical District, our work positively impacts all neighborhoods in Memphis. We believe that the ripple effect of our initiatives can be felt throughout the city, regardless of where you live.

Our mission is to build a Memphis that is equitable, economically vital, and offers a great quality of life. Together, we can create vibrant spaces and communities that attract and retain citizens while fostering civic pride. The impact of what we do can be felt in every corner of Memphis.

Grantee Spotlights
Tom Lee Park
Tom Lee Park is a signature park for all of Memphis. Memphis River Parks Partnership works with and for the people of Memphis to trigger the transformative power of our river.
Founded in 2017, SCORE Community Development Corporation is designed to intentionally and strategically implement civic engagement activities in the South City community at the grassroots level.